Understanding Underpins Innovation

Mainframes are fast and reliable—exactly why they run many of the world’s most critical business processes. But they’re increasingly expensive to maintain and difficult to change as swiftly as the market demands. These are massively complex systems, with millions of lines of code and opaque interdependencies.

Mechanical Orchard helps companies de-risk and accelerate the transition from traditional mainframes to state-of-the-art cloud applications through a focus on understanding the system and its interdependencies. Our “build-run-innovate” approach uses AI-enhanced reverse engineering to gain a rapid understanding of any system, independent of the code—or coders.

We use disciplined techniques— equivalence-focused, highly iterative, test-driven—to replicate that system into the cloud, where we manage performance, security, scaling, and disaster recovery.

This way, we can migrate workflows in weeks, rather than years, so you can capture market shifts and opportunities quickly.

Your new legacy starts here.

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