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The Mechanical Orchard approach reduces risks

The Mechanical Orchard engagement
approach is designed to reduce risk and
demonstrate meaningful progress at every step.

The Exploratory Workshop

What is the most critical
business application?
What's connected to it?

The Pilot

Can it be done?
What will it take?
Build initial roadmap

The Steel

Get to production
Address risk early
Validate the approach


Tune for speed
Clear remaining risks
Tackle remaining mass
Make future change easy

1. Exploratory Workshop

In the Exploratory Workshop, we will learn about you, your business, and your biggest pain points when it comes to your legacy system. The goal is to understand the most impactful path forward to show success early and often.

Together, we’ll identify the best starting point for modernizing—it could be a system component or a single workflow.  We’ll gather the information we need to identify the top risks associated with modernizing this particular component and get a sense of the degree of complexity.

The workshop is free and lasts between 2-3 hours. Afterwards, we’ll deliver a detailed estimate of the effort involved for the next stage and propose a roadmap for moving forward.

"During our exploratory workshop, Mechanical Orchard identified, inventoried, and ranked  current and potential future risks of the system, along with recommended strategies for mitigation in the modernization process."

— CIO, Local Government

2. Pilot

The goal of the Pilot is to deliver the component or workflow selected in the Exploratory Workshop as working software in a test environment. As part of this, we’ll interview key stakeholders, review documentation and user manuals, and use various tools to get a deep understanding of the system, its behavior, and its context.

Based on our learnings, we build a replica of the component or workflow in a secure cloud environment, test it and ensure it performs exactly as it does in your legacy environment. This gives us a concrete understanding of how much time and effort it will take to modernize this component in the production environment—and a better estimate of the time and effort to modernize the entire system—and it surfaces anything that might pose a risk to successful migration.

"Mechanical Orchard began by analyzing all the data flows through a single, critical system component, then precisely replicated its behavior in a cloud-based test environment with perfect fidelity. That’s a powerful proof point."

— CIO, Global Logistics and Transportation Company

3. Steel Thread

In the Steel Thread phase, we’ll deliver the selected component or workflow into production—only after all of us are confident it’s performing well enough to cut over into the cloud. This cloud environment is fully provisioned and secure to your specifications, and works hand-in-hand with the legacy environment to minimize disruption.

With this one, modernized workflow in the cloud, you’re able to see it performing with the rest of your system. Through this effort, we’ve surfaced the majority of issues and risks and can begin to pave and accelerate the path forward for the rest of the system based on real, learned experience.

"Mechanical Orchard’s team made quick work of dissecting our legacy systems, core business processes, and charted a course for our future technology. Their disciplined approach to solving ‘the hard problems’ in software engineering is unparalleled in the industry, and delivered results from day one."

— VP, Software Engineering, Global Logistics Company

4. Accelerate and Innovate

By the Accelerate and Innovate phase, all major risks have been identified and addressed. At this point, we tackle the remaining mass of the overall system, continually tuning for speed. Our Pollux equivalence monitoring system ensures that each incremental component meets or exceeds existing performance and functional requirements before it’s deployed into the cloud.

"You have gone further than any modernization effort we’ve ever experienced."

— CIO, F500 Global Retailer

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